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Hello, my name is Amelia and I am a freelance website designer and developer

I am multidisciplined and work professionally with open source platforms, hand coding using HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and semantic code to create beautifully built slick websites. I design and build sites that are attractive, appealing and professional whilst considering interactivity, usability and web standards. I am passionate about both design and development and love to diversify and keep up with the latest trends. Every project I work on is an opportunity to create some amazing and inspiring work that connects with its audience and brings success to the client. Committed to unbeatable quality, I aim to finish every project as a portfolio piece.

website design

Website Design

I'm a graphic designer at heart - and I have the degree to prove it, I love getting stuck in to a good brief and emerging with a show stopping design. Whilst still focusing on simplicity, usability & accessibility, I can take your ideas and mix them with the latest trends to create something fantastic. To me, it's not just a design, it's about creating an inspiring online identity for your business.

Front End Developer

Front End Development

Web development has always been a passion of mine. I hand code all my websites semantically using HTML5, CSS3 and CMS systems. I also craft first class responsive websites and awesome animations using jQuery. Front end development is as rewarding as design to me, I keep up with the latest technologies and incorporate them into all my clients projects. I'll never say no to giving something a go!

SEO & Social Media

SEO & Social Media

Being at the top is vitally important, it's no good having a beautiful website, if nobody can find it. | work on your SEO during the build of your site to make sure it's fast, light and search engine friendly. Once your site is completed I'll happily provide advice and tutorials so you can continue to increase your ranking. Lastly, if your unsure on the latest social media,I can set this up and get you started.